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Create Import File For NopCommerce

NopCommerce is a free open source ecommerce package for the .NET world. If you are just starting from scratch you will be fine and just add products to the system. If you are coming from a different ecommerce package you don't really want to retype all the data again.

Here are my steps I took to move AbleCommerce data to NopCommerce.

  1. Open TSS_main.mdb in Access 2010
  2. Run query
    SELECT Products.ProductTitle AS Name, '' AS ShortDescription, Products.ProductDescription1 & '
    ' & Products.ProductDescription2 & '
    ' & Products.ProductDescription3 & '
    ' AS FullDescription, 1 AS ProductTemplateId, 'False' AS ShowOnHomePage, '' AS MetaKeywords, '' AS MetaDescription, Products.ProductTitle AS MetaTitle, 'True' AS AllowCustomerReviews, IIf([Products.Active]=Yes,"True","False") AS Published, Products.PartNumber AS SKU, Products.ManufacturePartNumber AS ManufacturerPartNumber, 'False' AS IsGiftCard, 0 AS GiftCardTypeId, 'False' AS IsDownload, 0 AS DownloadId, 'True' AS UnlimitedDownloads, 10 AS MaxNumberOfDownloads, 1 AS DownloadActivationTypeId, 'False' AS HasSampleDownload, 0 AS SampleDownloadId, 'False' AS HasUserAgreement, '' AS UserAgreementText, 'False' AS IsRecurring, 100 AS RecurringCycleLength, 0 AS RecurringCyclePeriodId, 10 AS RecurringTotalCycles, 'True' AS IsShipEnabled, 'False' AS IsFreeShipping, 0 AS AdditionalShippingCharge, IIf([Products.Taxable]=True,"True","False") AS IsTaxExempt, 0 AS TaxCategoryId, 0 AS ManageInventoryMethodId, 10000 AS StockQuantity, 'False' AS DisplayStockAvailability, 'False' AS DisplayStockQuantity, 0 AS MinStockQuantity, 0 AS LowStockActivityId, 1 AS NotifyAdminForQuantityBelow, 0 AS BackorderModeId, 1 AS OrderMinimumQuantity, 10000 AS OrderMaximumQuantity, 'False' AS DisableBuyButton, 'False' AS DisableWishlistButton, 'False' AS CallForPrice, Products.Price as Price, Products.Price AS oldprice, 0 AS ProductCost, 'False' AS CustomerEntersPrice, 0 AS MinimumCustomerEnteredPrice, 1000 AS MaximumCustomerEnteredPrice, Products.Weight, 0 AS Length, 0 AS Width, 0 AS Height, 40826 AS CreatedOnUtc FROM Products WHERE (((Products.[ObjectGroup_ID]) In (1588, 1271, 1551, 1552, 1750, 1553, 1554)));

    **The WHERE statement is just to do partial data to test.
  3. Click on External Data tab
  4. Click on 'Excel' in 'Export' section to export to excel
  5. Check 'Export data with formatting and layout' checked.
  6. Click 'Ok' to create file.
  7. Find file and and open.
  8. Make sure tab where data is, is labeled 'Products'. If not change and save.
  9. Open nopCommerce admin and go to 'Manage Products' and click on 'Import from Excel'
  10. Find file and click import button. If success it will tell you and you will see data.